How many weeks until I retire?

Retirement date countdown

If you have the exact date you will retire, you can enter the date in our weeks until calculator here and find out exactly how many weeks until your retirement.

My retirement date calculator

To see quickly based on your age today and a retirement age of either 65 or 60 see our quick reference table below.

We understand that not everyone knows the date of their retirement and therefore need to use a date of retirement calculator using their date of birth.

You can read more about different retirement ages here which on average is males 65 years and females 63.5 years.

Calculate retirement age from date of birth

Different countries have different rules and these rules have changed over time. Therefore your date of birth and gender affects your retirement age. For example in the UK, there is no longer a forced retirement at age 65. However state pension is issued at a certain age. You can use the UK retirement date calculator government website to work it our for yourself, this is state pension rather than retirement but it means the same thing to most people. For example, a man born in 1980 has a UK state pension age of 68 and wont receive a state pension until 2048 however a man born in 1950 has a UK state pension age of 65 and would have started receiving their state pension back in 2015. 

Weeks until Retirement Quick Lookup

Age Today                 Retirement Age
  65 60
45 1040 780
46 988 728
47 936 676
48 884 624
49 832 572
50 780 520
51 728 468
52 676 416
53 624 364
54 572 312
55 520 260
56 468 208
57 416 156
58 364 104
59 312 52
60 260  
61 208  
62 156  
63 104  
64 52  

Working days until retirement calculator

For those of us getting close to retirement, knowing the working days until retirement is also a nice motivator.   This is not something our calculator supports but we have started to have requests for this so please press this  once to register your interest. 

Days until retirement app

Is there any app for that? Not yet but and there might be one built.

Days to retirement countdown clock

Our weeks until calculator also shows days, so enter your date of retirement in and you’ll see the number of days until retirement too. You can even grab the widget code from the bottom the page after you calculate and you can put this on your own website or blog posts.


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